Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've tried to help you , I've tried to give you my advice and to be there when you need me , but in return all you do is screw me round . i love you i do but i cant keep doing this , your worth so much more than you show people , your beautiful and you have much to offer but you refuse to let people see it , I've seen what you can be and its so much more then this . I'm not saying that i don't care because i do , but Ive given alot for you , your a different person when were with people but I've seen the real you when were in your room and were singing and being stupid and , when you cry and tell me all the things that hurt you , those things are you , not the boys , not the sex , not getting drunk , its not you at all your so much more than that , im still here for you but not the way i was before i love you and i hope that you see yourself the way that i see you soon before its to late , your worth so much more

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