Friday, July 31, 2009

i did something for u.something i wouldnt do for just anyone
i hope u know how much you mean to me
there's no point in dwelling over people that are manipulative and that your better off without . because the truth is that if they were stupid enough not to see how incredibly special you are the first time , or they can lie through their teeth and tell you they love you at the same time their not worth it . there will always be somebody who genuinely appreciates you because of who you are , just sometimes these people are harder to find than the butt heads that love playing with peoples emotions , but when you do find these people its the best thing in the world
its 4:25am still havent slept i tried but i just cant , lucky your awake now too otherwise id be bored haha . thankyou

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cos everthing will be ok
I know that it’s so easy to say
But the pain inside will fade,
Please tell me that you’ll stay.
home sick again today , i woke up to lots of text messages sorry i didnt reply to any i fell asleep again . i feel like listening to some taylor swift so thats what im gunna do .

ive realised i have an obbsession with birds , i looked for a bird house for you to make me but theres was none pretty enough .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what ever happen to you ? what you've become is such a waste because I've seen what you can be , and its absolutely beautiful

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when sky's are grey you'll never know dear how much i love you , so please don't take my sunshine away

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday, July 26, 2009

At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it's usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i don't know you and you definitely don't know me , but the difference between us is I'm not talking a bunch of trash to him about you , when all you've done is try and get in the middle of things from the start , you need to move on, get over it and stay out of things that don't involve you , grow up thanks .

Friday, July 24, 2009

you said promise i said thats a big word

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm missing you so much, ill say you die tonight Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise I know the signs are on and I feel this too None of that ever seems to matter when I'm holding you And I'm wasting away, away from you And I'm wasting away, away from you What have I gotten into this time aroundI know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to You had me at hello. I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours like yours It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by I watch the clock to make my timing just right Would it be okay,Would it be okay if I took your breath away? And I'm wasting away, away from youAnd I'm wasting away, away from youWhat have I gotten into this time aroundI know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have toYou had me at hello. You gave me butterflies at the mailbox You gave me butterflies You gave me butterflies you are so cute at the mailbox You gave me butterflies you are so cute You had me at hello.What have I gotten into this time around I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to
You had me at hello.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

right now i would love to do this
and this

sometimes i wish for it all to go away, because if i wish hard enough maybe it will

i got in a huge fight with mom last night , worst one we've had in awhile , there was screaming , some horrible words said , and lots and lots of tears but we've both realised our relationship hasn't been what it used to be over the last six months and we both really need to work on it , I'm happy were sorting it out before its to late and I'm sorry i haven't been my self , I'm looking forward to our coffee date on Saturday morning , i love you

no school today im really sick , its time for a nap

i love this

Monday, July 20, 2009

it was hard but im glad i didn't listen to them , you've proved them wrong and im happy i still have you .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet me in outer space we could spend the night watch the earth come up i've grown tired of that place won't you come with me? We could start again how do you do it? You make me feel like I do how do you do it? It's better than I ever knew, meet me in outer space I will hold you close if you're afraid of heights I need you to see this place it might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you how do you do it?You make me feel like I do how do you do it? It's better than I ever knew,how do you do it? You make me feel like I do.

you make me very very happy

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. I know when you sit down and when you rise up. I am familiar with all your ways. Even the very hairs on your head are numbered. For you were made in my image. In me you live and move and have your being.For you are my offspring. I knew you even before you were conceived. I chose you when I planned creation.You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book. I determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I knit you together in your mother's womb. And brought you forth on the day you were born. I have been misrepresented by those who don't know me.I am not distant and angry,but am the complete expression of love. And it is my desire to lavish my love on you. Simply because you are my child and I am your Father. I offer you more than your earthly father ever could. For I am the perfect father. Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand. For I am your provider and I meet all your needs. My plan for your future has always been filled with hope. Because I love you with an everlasting love. My thoughts toward you are countless as the sand on the seashore.And I rejoice over you with singing. I will never stop doing good to you. For you are my treasured possession. I desire to establish you with all my heart and all my soul. And I want to show you great and marvelous things. If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. For it is I who gave you those desires. I am able to do more for you than you could possibly imagine. For I am your greatest encourager. I am also the Father who comforts you in all your troubles. When you are brokenhearted,I am close to you. As a shepherd carries a lamb,I have carried you close to my heart. One day I will wipe away every tear from your eyes. And I'll take away all the pain you have suffered on this earth.I am your Father, and I love you even as I love my son, Jesus.For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed. He is the exact representation of my being. He came to demonstrate that I am for you, not against you. And to tell you that I am not counting your sins.Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled. His death was the ultimate expression of my love for you. I gave up everything I lovedthat I might gain your love. If you receive the gift of my son Jesus, you receive me. And nothing will ever separate you from my love again.Come home and I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen.I have always been Father, and will always be Father.My question is…Will you be my child? I am waiting for you.

Love, Your Dad
Almighty God

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Because the sky opened and God handed you directly to me
I know it sounds crazy but so is life, I’m sinking
And feeling like your heart is beating solely for me
Unlikely, impossible, I couldn’t dream to think it
There’s something happening between us you can’t deceive
I’m so in over my head I’ve learned to breathe in it
Your eyes are screaming and you’re saying, “Oh baby” to me
If there was a way out I think you would’ve taken it
My hands and arms are the only way that you can leave
Face to face for the first time, you feel what I’m feeling
Selfishly no longer breathing because of me

"Be yourself & i promise people will enjoy it & if they dont forget them" - Mitchell Davis

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

im going to spend the day with brody tommorow , and while he goes on bebo and listens to some Dallas , i plan on having a nap in his bed cause its like a big cloud . yes
Kita : well i went across the road and there was some really nice sushi shops , so i got a toasted sandwhich
Val : wait what ? so there was nice sushi shops and you got a toasted sandwhich ?
Kita : Yep
Val: Uh ok carry on
Kita : So any way on the first day i got a chicken cheese and pinapple one , on the secound day i got a ham cheese and pinapple one and on the third day i got a chicken cheese and tomatoe one .
Val: .......
Kita: and to tell you the truth , the ham cheese and pinapple one reminded me of you
Val : What the heck why ?
Kita: i dunno it just tasted like you , i think it was the pinapple

this is what my bestfriend and i talk about on the phone , great huh haha i love you bear ♥

There’s a secret in the sunset. There’s no sun in secrets


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

you would think that after something like losing close friends that it would have brought us all closer , but you all left every single one of you left us , there was not arguments or disagreements , you just left when we needed you , you all just left i dont understand how when you see how much someone you love is hurting and how much they need you to be there just to be a friend and show them that you care , instead every single one of you turned your backs on us and you left . i dont want the friendships back because i know if things get hard again , which they will , you wont be there because the first time that we really needed you , you left .

please don't make me any more of your promises i don't think i can handle anymore disappointments .please just dont

your my favourite part of every day

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who am I that the voice that calmed the sea, would call out through the rain , and calm the storm in me.

ive decided this was one of the most amazing nights of my life , i get happy just thinking about it


my fav , amazing

its Minnies birthday today ! Happppppy birthday baby
i hope your day is amazing i love you ♥

Saturday, July 11, 2009

this is my amazing mom , i love you

You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
You are my wings to fly
You are the wind beneath them
I miss you every night, when I close my eyes
You put your feelings down
You stopped your tears you brought me love
You held to my heart
You held with hope to have me near
Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes I let my hunger rise
I think of all you are, you are the love of my life

All of my dreams and my passions
Are in your hands

You reached me in my need
Your rhythm flows under my skin
I need you desperately,
A sweet healing that will begin
You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
My everything is you
The very motions that I move
And everything with richness
The richness of the peace you bring

Always, always you are with me
You are the love of my life
He comes to find you on your knees

Friday, July 10, 2009

Val : Word
Luc : Your lame
Val : Bo what did you just say ?
Luc : You be lame fool
Val : im part american indian which means im part black which means you cant mess with me
Luc : im part italian , i could have mafia connections , dont mess with me
Val : i have a freakin tribe , and i can do the rain dance and make it flood and wash your white ass away
Luc : Your a retard
Val : ..... you know how im american indian and i can make it rain , well lil wayne always says "ill make it rain girl " does that mean we have a connection ?
Luc : i wouldnt want a connection .

we have the most amazing conversations haha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My world
i plan on spending the day with these two pretty ladies tommorow , lucky me huh

tommorow i really hope it rains

i dreamt about you last night , you were right there infront of me theres no other place i would rather be

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tattoo idea

i couldn't get to sleep last night, no matter how hard I tried. And I tried really hard
& I won't get any sleep tonight, I just know it.

Auckland Harbour , my favourite place to be at night , i wish i lived closer so i could come here on the nights i cant sleep


"We all have the potential to fall in love a thousand times in our lifetime. It’s easy. The first girl I ever loved was someone I knew in sixth grade. Her name was Missy; we talked about horses. The last girl I love will be someone I haven’t even met yet, probably. They all count. But there are certain people you love who do something else; they define how you classify what love is supposed to feel like. These are the most important people in your life, and you’ll meet maybe four or five of these people over the span of 80 years. But there’s still one more tier to all this; there is always one person you love who becomes that definition. It usually happens retrospectively, but it always happens eventually. This is the person who unknowingly sets the template for what you will always love about other people, even if some of those lovable qualities are self-destructive and unreasonable. You will remember having conversations with this person that never actually happened. You will recall sexual trysts with this person that never technically occurred. This is because the individual who embodies your personal definition of love does not really exist. The person is real, and the feelings are real—but you create the context. And context is everything. The person who defines your understanding of love is not inherently different than anyone else, and they’re often just the person you happen to meet the first time you really, really want to love someone. But that person still wins. They win, and you lose. Because for the rest of your life, they will control how you feel about everyone else." - Chuck Klosterman, Killing Yourself to Live