Monday, March 29, 2010

Its such a confusing feeling losing you, some days it feels like it all happen just the other day , then other days it feels like you've been gone for so long and memories start to slip my mind , but no matter what day it is it never feels to real it always feels like you've just gone away for a little while but you ll be back soon no matter what day it is it always hurts and no matter day it is ill always miss you . Its almost been two years since it all happen and the fact your not coming back isn't a reality for me , but i know one day it'll all hit me part of me wants that day to come so i can deal with it and heal but the other part of me never wants to face it because i never want to let you go . I love you Portia McPhail

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  1. aw man.. it often comes back to me too and i get upset. it's so horrible that it happened. i hope you feel better soon valene. don't forget the memories because that's what she would want :)