Tuesday, October 6, 2009

you wonder why i don't talk to you about everything like i use to , its because what happen last year and the hurt it broughtdoesn't just go away , and after a month i was meant to just get over it you didn't care anymore you never asked how i was doing , and when i did tell you why i was upset your reaction was "oh" and you would just walk away . that's why i don't want to tell you whats going on with me right now because if something that big didn't make you see that i needed you to care and i needed you to talk to me and be there then every other problem isn't gonna matter to you at all , and telling you would just be a waste of breath . I'm sorry that I'm "not the girl i used to be" but i have alot of hurt and anger built up in me and its getting harder and harder for me to hide . and your little digs at me every day are wearing me out faster .

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