Friday, September 11, 2009

i was born in California , im eighteen , my favourite color is green , i have an obsession with birds , my favourite food is sushi , i love when it rains , i prefer winter over summer , my hands always seem to be cold , i like sweet chili sauce , i spend most my time looking at photography , I'm very self conscious , you barely see me not in a dress , i love music that gives me shivers , i have maltese and native american blood but im still pasty ? i want to work in media , i dont trust people easily ,im a christian , i laugh alot , im sarcastic , i drink lots of coffee , i want four kids , i hate the color pink , i have four sisters and three brothers , tattoos are good , if i dont like you its hard to change my mind, i dye my hair too much, i hate school, its raining right now , i love orange juice , i want to travel alot , i have the best family get togethers , i dont eat meat unless its chicken , the first time i ate an orange in preschool i ate the whole thing cause i liked it so much , i say mom , i dont like crying infront of people , im moveing out next year , im short , dallas green is my favourite , i saw underoath with kita , i need a new phone , i think things over to much sometimes ,if i see a slug i cant eat for the rest of the day , im always singing , i hate public toliets , i like mitchell davis alot , im always late for school , my phones always in my hand , i bite my lip when im nervous , i dont like when my nails arent painted , long drives are one of my favourite things , my bestfriends are super important to me , i hate when people bite thier nails , im meant to be at school right now, i like music played really loud , i love the city , this is my last year of school , next year will be amazing .

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