Saturday, August 15, 2009

i know that the last time you saw me , i had a huge smile on my face and when you asked how i was i told you i was great and that things were amazing . but the truth is i miss you more than anything . i miss how happy you made me whenever we were together and how you would always make me laugh , i miss being so close to you and telling you everything and the voice you put on when you were in your "state" . i miss how we would cry together i miss spending every secound of every day with you i miss our night time walks at the beach , i miss when i would walk in and catch you on neopets but you would deny it , i miss going to your house and it felt like home , i miss when we would get bestmate and call each other from across the road , i miss when we would wake up in the morning and sing to eachother , i miss you and it hurts that were not the same and might not ever be but you will always be a bestfriend and ill always only be a phone call away . i would do anything to get what we had back . i love you

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